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Anglo French

The Anglo French de Petite Vènerie is a medium-sized dog, of robust and balanced build, without the impression of heaviness.


It has benefited from the contributions of Petit Bleu de Gascogne, Harrier, Poitevin and Porcelaine, among others.

Initially, it was called Petit Anglo French, before receiving the definitive name of Anglo Français de Petite Vènerie after the publication of its first standard in 1978.

The breed was recognized as definitive by the International Cynological Federation (FCI) on January 26, 1983. It was created to run the hare, its speed qualities confirm it.

Anglo French


  1. hair: short, smooth and tight.
  2. color: either white and orange bicolor with tobacco truffle, or white and black tricolor with live color lights and black truffle or pale lights and black truffle.
  3. head: rather long, not too wide.
  4. skull is slightly convex, but not domed.
  5. break in the forehead is not very marked. The nose is well pigmented, the nostrils well open, the muzzle moderately elongated.
  6. ears: fine, set below the line of the eye, flexible, slightly turned, moderately wide.
  7. eyes: brown in color, large in size, displaying an expression of both gentleness and liveliness.
  8. body: the back is supported and straight, the loins rather short and muscular, the croup slightly sloping and the chest sunken.
  9. tail: moderately long, rather thin, attached along the kidney line and covered with thick hair.

Behavior with others

The Anglo French de Petite Vènerie is an enduring, swift and intelligent hunting dog.

It is mainly used for hunting with hounds and sighthounds. It can nevertheless excel against other types of game, such as wild boar and roe deer.

Evolving in a pack, he asserts his courage and his hard work. He must not be aggressive or fearful.

With his master, the Anglo-French from Petite Vènerie is kind and docile.

He is more renowned and appreciated for his qualities as a hunter than for those of a companion or guard dog.

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