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Bearded Czech

The Czech Bearded is a versatile, medium-sized hunting dog. Strong, solidly built, resistant and enduring, it presents an aspect and a bearing imbued with a certain nobility.


Originally from the former Czechoslovakia, the Bearded Czech was commonly encountered there until the outbreak of the First World War.

The breed was even known from the Middle Ages. She was on the verge of extinction following the First World War, but a handful of passionate breeders managed to keep enough dogs to preserve her and contribute to her rebirth.

The « Wire-Coated Pointing Dogs » club was founded in 1924, and the first official breed standard was published in 1931, but unofficially.

Its first official standard will be established well after the 2nd World War, in 1958.

Today, the Czech Bearded is one of the most used hunting dogs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

a Fédération Cynologique Internationale recognized the breed definitively.

on May 21, 1963 and published its official standard in force the same year.

Bearded Czech

Physical peculiarities

  1. is hair: hard to the touch, dense, lying flat on the body, 3 to 4 cm long and lined with a softer
  2. The whole gives it a very good resistance to humidity.
  3. The coat also includes bristles 5-7 cm in length, located on the chest, back, groin and shoulders.
  4. Its color: dark roan (with or without brown markings).
  5. Its head: long, rather narrow, lean, with a moderately domed and rounded skull, wider in the male than in the female.
  6. The stop is moderately marked.
  7. Its ears: well placed against the head, attached very high and with slightly rounded tips.
  8. His eyes: deep set, dark amber to brown-brown in color, almond-shaped and displaying
  9. a body: the back is short and stocky, the loin is relatively wide, the croup is moderately sloping, the chest is oval
  10. Its tail: tied in the extension of the back, of medium thickness, shortened by 3/5 of its length.

Behavior with others

The Czech Bearded is a dog naturally gifted for hunting various types of game and on different kinds of terrain, in addition to possessing a fairly pronounced bite towards pests. Extremely attached to his master, affectionate and relatively docile for a hunting dog, he gets along perfectly with children.

He is also social.

Living conditions

The Bearded Czech is clearly not cut out for living in an apartment.

His great need for activity and his well-marked temperament predestine him rather towards a way of life offering him more space and freedom of movement.

A house with a large fenced garden suits him, as does a sporty and available master.

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