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Berger Tervueren

The Berger Tervueren is one of the 4 varieties of Belgian Shepherd Dogs, along with the Malinois, the Groenendael and the Laekenois.

Like the Groenendael, it has a long coat. The Belgian Shepherd Tervueren has strong bones and muscles. Of mediocre and harmonious construction, it exudes an impression of power and elegance. He is very attached to his master and will not hesitate to protect him and to give his life.

Its education is simple and its maintenance, despite its long coat, is not very difficult either.

He needs physical exercise and cannot remain inactive for too long.


The Berger Tervueren owes its name to its village of origin, Tervueren, currently located in the province of Flemish Brabant in Belgium.

It appeared in the 19th century, most likely following a cross between a fawn-colored sheepdog and a black Grœnendael.

The Belgian Shepherd Tervueren was first used for the protection and guarding of herds, before displaying his skills in many other areas: security, research, exhibition, etc.

The Belgian Shepherd Dog breed, including the Tervueren variety, was definitively recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale on January 1, 1956.

Berger Tervueren

Physical peculiarities

  1. His hair: long and abundant around the neck, on the chest, the back of the thighs and the tail.
  2. Shorter on the head, outer side of the ears and lower limbs. Dense, tight, of good texture
  3. lined with a woolly undercoat, the whole giving the dog good protection.
  4. Its color: charcoal fawn (hairs with a black end shading the base color), even charcoal gray
  5. with imperatively a very pronounced black mask and including the lips and the eyelids.
  6. head: long, straight, lean, carried high, with the muzzle very slightly longer than the skull.
  7. The forehead is flatter than round, the stop is moderate, the nose is black and the cheeks are dry and very flat
  8. ears: triangular in shape, ending in points, small in size, attached high
  9. eyes: slightly almond shaped, medium size, brownish in color (as dark as possible)
  10. displaying an expression of intelligence, interest and alertness.
  11.  body: inscribed in a square, having a powerful aspect, but not heavy.
  12. a line of the back and loins is straight, the withers is accentuated
  13. back firm and well muscled, the loins solid and broad, the croup very slightly sloping
  14. the chest well let down and the belly slightly raised.
  15. tail: of medium length (reaching or exceeding the hock), thick at its attachment, hanging down at rest

Behavior with others

The Belgian Shepherd Tervueren is the versatile dog par excellence.

He is at the same time gifted for herding, defense, protection, research and work in general.

The Belgian Shepherd Tervueren is, in addition, a magnificent show dog thanks to its superb dress and its natural elegance.

Active, vigilant, extremely intelligent, observant and loyal, he has all the qualities of the Belgian Shepherd Dog.

At home, he is an excellent companion for the whole family, very attached to his master and patient with children. He is also very comfortable in agility events.

They are one of the best guard dogs for a home and they can be aggressive with intruders.

The Tervueren is perhaps more in need of cuddles and cuddles than their fellow Belgian Shepherds.

Indeed, he can also be possessive.


The Belgian Shepherd Tervueren is a robust, resistant dog, withstanding cold and bad weather quite well thanks to the protection offered by its provided coat.

But the Belgian Shepherd Tervueren breed has a predisposition to certain diseases, including hypothyroidism (thyroid dysfunction affecting hormone production), hip dysplasia and epilepsy.

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