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Billy dog

The Billy is a large hound built for work and endurance.

His bones and muscles are considerably developed. All this gives it an impression of strength and elegance, but also of lightness, because the Billy is harmoniously built.

Thanks to his physical constitution, he is able to cover several tens of kilometers of ground during the hunt.


The Billy that we know today descends from the « white dogs of the Roy », varieties created by Louis XII and from which come, among others, the Montembeouf and Céris breeds.

They constituted the royal packs for more than 2 centuries, until 1725.

The Billy was then developed by Gaston Hublot de Rivault, a 19th century Poitevin breeder who gave it the name of his property located near Poitiers.

The current official breed standard was published on December 28, 1973.


Physical peculiarities

  1. His hair: very short, even short, with a hard and thick texture.
  2. Its color: entirely white, coffee color washed with white (coffee with milk) 
  3. white with light orange or lemon markings.
  4. Its head: medium length, fine, lean, with a slightly domed forehead and a marked frontal break.
  5. ears: medium sized, flat and set high.
  6. eyes: wide open, dark and lively.
  7. body: of medium length, with fairly flat ribs, a sloping croup, a strong back and a very well let down chest.
  8. tail: strong, of good length and sometimes quite well furnished with hair.

Behavior and character

  • The Billy is an active, intelligent and pleasant dog to live with.
  • A tireless worker, he often demonstrates his qualities when hunting, in particular his flair and his endurance.
  • The Billy is very attached to his master and is friendly with other members of the family, children in particular.
  • On the other hand, he gets along a little less with his congeners.
  • He is therefore overall an excellent companion and hunting dog

but a little less to his advantage when it comes to guarding, because his bite is not very marked.

Living conditions

  • The Billy is clearly not an apartment dog.
  • is not very comfortable in an urban environment.
  • He is rather made to live in the countryside
  • where he can evolve over large areas and let his hunting dog instincts express themselves.
  • He needs a master who is available quite often and who can offer him frequent outdoor activities.
  •  appreciates family life, especially if it includes children, but is not suitable for homes where several other dogs live.


The Billy is an exceptionally robust dog whose body does not fear much.

Despite his short coat, he is quite resistant to harsh weather conditions, even extreme cold.

Its diet must be adapted to its activity, with more substantial fat intake during the hunting season.

It is also advisable to examine its members after the hikes in order to detect possible injuries, because the Billy exerts himself without counting and does not hesitate to venture on the most rugged terrain.

Maintenance and hygiene

The maintenance of the Billy does not present any particular difficulty.

This is a rustic dog that requires only basic and regular care.

It is simply recommended to brush the dog on a regular basis to ensure the cleanliness of his coat.

The Billy does not need grooming and baths are only necessary if he is particularly dirty.

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