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Black Austrian Hound


Black Austrian Hound

The Black Austrian Hound is a medium sized hound and search dog.

Of solid constitution, the Austrian black and tan Hound is characterized by an elongated silhouette giving an impression of great flexibility.

The color of its coat evokes those of the Dobermann, the Rottweiler, the Pinscher, the Beauceron or even the Gordon Setter.


The Austrian Hound is a dog of very ancient origin. Its most probable ancestor would be the Keltenbracke, a breed of Celtic Braques long appreciated by hunters in northern Europe. The breed of Austrian Black and Tan Hound was definitively recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) on September 3, 1954.

Its official FCI standard in force was published on October 10, 1995.


Black Austrian Hound


  1. hair: short (its length is about 2 cm), smooth, well coated, dense, supple and tight, with a shiny sheen.
  2. color: black with a few clearly drawn tan markings (light to dark fawn).
  3. Tan marks above the eyes.
  4. head: elongated, giving an impression of softness.
  5. skull is rather wide and the occipital region very little marked. nose is black and the muzzle is elongated and strong.
  6. ears: moderately long, wide but not excessively, set high, ending in rounded and hanging.
  7. eyes: dark brown in color, producing a frank and soft look.
  8. His body: elongated, elastic.
  9. neck is of medium length and very strong, the withers well marked, the back long, the loins a little raised, the croup slightly sloping, the chest broad and well let down.
  10. tail: long, furnished with a rough hair forming a bump on
  11. inner face, slightly curved and gradually tapering, hanging down when the dog is at rest.

Behavior with others

  • The black and tan Austrian Hound is a dog with a pleasant temperament.
  • He is lively, attentive, reserved, but attached to his master.
  • In hunting action, he shows remarkable determination and assurance when he follows game (particularly the hare) relying on his extremely keen sense of smell.
  • Education… Relatively unobedient, the Austrian black and tan Hound requires a firm and early education, but without a balance of power.
  • He must also and above all be introduced to abseiling from an early age.

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