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The Boerbull is a large dog that impresses with its robustness, power and well-developed musculature.

Massively built, it relies on very strongly built limbs and its gaits also exude great power.

Classified in category 1, among the so-called « dangerous » dogs, it is normally prohibited in France.


  • Originally from South Africa, the Boerbull (also called Boerboel) is a breed developed by Dutch settlers from the Brabanter Bullenbijter, a powerful molosser with hunting qualities.
  • He was crossed with other dogs of European origin, but also local breeds.
  • Boerbull has mostly been employed as a farm dog, with the mission of protecting herds and the structure itself from wild predators.
  • The term Boerboel is formed from the word « Boer », which designates the Dutch-speaking settlers in South Africa, and the word « Boel », which means big dog in Afrikaans.
  • It was not until the 1960s that serious selections and breeding began to be carried out.
  • Boerbull breed has not yet been recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.



  • hair: short, smooth, covering thick skin.
  • color: all shades of fawn and brindle, with red, brown, gray, even white marks.
  • head: wide, rather short and well muscled, with powerful jaws (preferably scissors).
  1. ears: triangular in shape, hanging, well proportioned to the head, wide and strong at their base, set relatively high, carried forward when the dog is attentive.
  • eyes: brown in color, positioned on the same horizontal line.
  • eyelids are well pigmented. The gaze is both gentle and determined.
  • body: stocky, massive, with highly developed bones and muscles.
  • Slightly tightened at the level of the kidney.
  • The line of the back is straight, the croup is straight, wide and strong, the loin is short and strong, the chest is well developed.
  • tail: attached high, strong at its attachment, very mobile, raised when the dog is attentive or in action.

Behavior with others

The Boerbull is a courageous, extremely protective, intelligent and calm dog.

He appreciates family life and knows how to be gentle with children.

A watchdog par excellence, he will not tolerate any intrusion into the house of his masters: his imposing physique, his determined gaze and his growls are enough to dissuade anyone who dares to venture into his territory.

He barks very little and knows how to analyze situations, since he is not aggressive towards people when he understands that his master has invited them.

The male Boerbull tends to want to dominate his congeners of the same sex.

Dogs of this breed, however, get along quite well with animals in general, due to their background as farm dogs.

As a reminder, the Boerbull is classified in France as a category 1 dog (« dangerous dogs »).

Living conditions

The Boerbull is mainly aimed at experienced masters, who know how to show authority during

their education, without looking for a balance of power.

He is not really made to live in an apartment, because he needs spaces

territory allowing him to express his qualities as a guardian.

In town, he must be equipped with a muzzle due to his categorization.


The Boerbull enjoys overall solid health.

Its dress is perfectly adapted to the South African climate. Nevertheless

as with any large breed of dog, the risk of hip dysplasia is never to be ruled out.

Care must also be taken not to overfeed him to spare him the effects of obesity and joint problems.

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