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Boston Terrier


Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a small, sturdy, compact molossian dog with a well-knit body and clean lines.

A real pet, he is very faithful to his master, to whom he brings affection at all times.

He is both athletic and likes to stay calm with his family, and both lively and intelligent.

It stands up easily and does not require extensive maintenance.

Ideal choice for a family with children.

In addition, he tolerates the presence of other animals well provided he has been educated in this sense.

The Boston Terrier gives this impression of a resolute, strong and dynamic dog when looked at, despite its small size.


The Boston Terrier breed was created and developed in the United States, more precisely in the city of Boston in Massachusetts (northeast of the USA), as its name suggests.

It is the result of the crossing, around the second half of the 19th century, of the English Bulldog and the English White Terrier.

The creation of the Boston Terrier Club of America will take place in 1891, while the recognition of the breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) will arrive 2 years later.

In France, it will be necessary to wait until 1927 to witness the introduction of the first Boston Terriers.

Across the Atlantic, the breed is a real symbol, especially in his native Massachusetts.

where he has been the official dog since 1979.

She is also the official mascot of the Boston University hockey team through a character bearing the features of a Boston Terrier named Rhett.

Boston Terrier

Physical peculiarities

  1. His hair: short, shiny, smooth and fine.
  2. Its color: brindle, « seal » style dress (black at first sight, but with a red reflection visible in the sun) or black variegated with white.
  3. With a white band around the muzzle, a white list between the eyes and white on the chest.
  4. It features a well-proportioned combination of color and white markings.
  5. Its head: square in shape, flat on the top, with a steep front and a well-marked stop.
  6. His ears: small, carried straight and located as close as possible to the upper edges of the skull.
  7. His eyes: large, round in shape, dark in color and set well apart.
  8. Arranged perpendicular to the axis of the skull, displaying an awake, intelligent and benevolent expression.
  9. His body: short, with a horizontal top line, a back short enough to be able to register the body in a square.
  10. a croup slightly curved towards the attachment of the tail and a well let down chest.
  11. Its tail: short (preferably with a length that does not exceed a quarter of the distance between the attachment and the point of the hock)
  12. thin, attached low, straight or corkscrew and must not be carried above from the horizontal.

Behavior with others

  • The Boston Terrier is an active dog, cheerful, caring towards children and extremely attached to his master.
  • the point of sometimes being a little too clingy.
  • Intelligent and affectionate, the Boston Terrier is as easy to stimulate as it is to calm.
  • He is always present when it comes to playing and also shows himself to his advantage at guard*
  • Always in a jovial mood, he will shower his adoptive family with affection, who will have to be careful never to leave him too long alone.


Active, dynamic and very attentive, the Boston Terrier is not a difficult dog to train

quite the contrary. A minimum of firmness and a good dose of games make it a very high quality companion.

He learns relatively quickly and will do anything to please his master.

However, it will be necessary to start early, to have the expected results.

His master will have to show firmness but also great gentleness.

Living conditions

The Boston Terrier knows how to adapt to all environments, but largely prefers life inside the house.

He can thus stay close to his master (an almost vital need for this breed) and protect himself from external climatic conditions.

The Boston Terrier appreciates family life and gets along very well with his congeners.

An available master, ready to offer him enough opportunities to stretch his legs and owning other dogs will suit him perfectly.

He will return it a hundredfold thanks to his jovial character and his loyalty.


The Boston Terrier can suffer from eye irritation due to the prominence of their eyes.

Some dogs of this breed may also experience some breathing difficulties and females are likely to experience complicated births.

For the rest, and as long as it is sufficiently protected from extreme cold, the Boston Terrier is a globally robust dog in terms of health.

On the skin, he may be affected by demodicosis, which causes crusty lesions on his skin with some dandruff.

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