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Cirneco of Etna


Cirneco of Etna

The Cirneco of Etna is a primitive type dog, medium in size, with a slender build and an elegant, light build.

Cirneco of Etna


The exact origins of the Etna Cirneco are debated.

According to some sources, the breed was born in Sicily and in the Etna region, while for others it came from ancient Egypt and arrived on the Mediterranean island on board Phoenician ships.

In any case, the presence of the Cirneco del Etna in Sicily dates from before our era, as evidenced by numerous objects comprising representations of the breed, including period coins.

Physical peculiarities

  1. His hair: fine, short and well lying against the body.
  2. Flat on the head, ears and limbs.
  3. color: either one-coloured fawn, more or less intense or diluted, or two-coloured fawn with more or less extensive white on the head, chest, feet and tip of the tail.
  4. head: long and narrow.
  5. shape of the skull tends towards the oval and its upper axes are almost parallel to those of the muzzle.
  6. superciliary arches are only very slightly protruding and the frontal furrow not very marked, just like the occipital protuberance.
  7. The stop is well accentuated.
  8. nose is rather rectangular and bulky, brown (light to dark) or flesh colored, depending on the color.
  9. muzzle is pointed, the lips thin and taut, the jaws well developed and articulated in scissors.
  10. cheeks are flat.
  11. ears: triangular in shape, ending in a narrow point, high set, fairly close to each other, erect and facing forward.
  12. eyes: small, ocher to amber, passing through gray.
  13. Displaying an expression full of sweetness.
  14. body: inscribed in a square, of slightly slender conformation.
  15. neck has the shape of a truncated cone, the topline straight and falling elegantly towards the croup.
  16. withers are rather narrow and harmoniously attached to the neck, the back straight and muscular, but not too much.
  17. loins are firm, the croup fairly flat, lean and robust, the ribs well arched, the chest fairly narrow, the belly lean and tucked up.
  18. tail: thick from its root to its end, with a low attachment, carried in a saber when the dog is at rest and raised like a trumpet when it is active.


Reputed to be not very docile, the Cirneco de l’Etna requires a good dose of firmness in its education.

Nevertheless, it must exclude any form of brutality.

It is a question of showing him what is expected of him, but without entering into a balance of power.

An early and quality socialization, as well as a good learning of recall allow to obtain a pleasant and hardworking dog.

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