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The Danish Pointer dog is a medium sized dog with a rectangular silhouette and strong build.

The male seems much more powerful and robust than the female, which is lighter and livelier.

Breed History

The Old Danish Pointing Dog corresponds to a fairly old breed, originating from the Glenstrup region, not far from the current capital of Denmark, Copenhagen.

From the beginning of the 18th century, a local resident by the name of Morten Bak began a work of crossbreeding and selection over 8 generations, combining in particular contributions from Gypsy dogs and local farm dogs.

This is how Bak’s Dog was born. From the latter, the breed of the Old Danish Pointing Dog developed to lead to the one we know today, benefiting in passing from contributions from the Dog of Saint-Hubert.

Used for hare and fox tracking, the Old Danish Pointing Dog has become popular in its country, but remains quite rare and unknown outside its borders.

The Danish Kennel Club recognized the breed standard in 1962. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) followed suit 7 years later, on April 2, 1969.

danish pointing dog

Physical peculiarities

  1. His hair: short, tight, rather hard to the touch, evenly distributed over the whole body.
  2. Its color: always white with brown markings pulling towards the dark.
  3. The marks consist of a few large patches and multiple speckles.
  4. His head: short and wide.
  5. The skull is rounded. The nose is fleshy, well defined and the nostrils are well opened.
  6. is muzzle is wide, the lips well developed and the jaws powerfully articulated in scissors.
  7. cheeks are well defined and muscular.
  8. Its ears: pendulous, close to the cheeks, set low, wide and with slightly rounded ends.
  9. His eyes: ideally dark in color and medium in size.
  10. Its body: writable in a rectangle.
  11. The neck is muscular and well covered with hair, the withers well out, the back solid and well muscled, the loins short and broad, the croup slightly inclined towards the base of the tail, the chest well let down, developed and broad.
  12. Its tail: attached moderately high, strong at its attachment and tapering towards its end.
  13. Medium length (almost reaching the hock), carried hanging down.

Behavior with others

The Old Danish Pointing Dog is an energetic dog that knows how to stay calm.

Characterized by a balanced personality, he is very attached to his master, sociable, and intelligent.

He is therefore a very good companion dog as well as an excellent hunting dog who does not get excited for nothing. In hunting action, he shows great courage and determination.

He walks slowly and rarely strays from his master.

The Old Danish Pointing Dog is also appreciated by hunters for its ability to evolve on small hunting grounds as well as on large ones.

If she is generally more lively than the male, the female also tends to be more capricious.

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