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The dog education is a universe that is constantly modernizing and updating.

Between the good and the bad practices, discover our complete guide to learn the basics of dog education, deal with the various behavioral problems of the dog or even teach him an order effectively.

dog training methods

The dog and the wolf do not have the same values, as La Fontaine said so well in his famous fable.

This is how many ethologists who observe canines in the wild, but also stray or free dogs, are gradually leading us towards a new form of recognition of the modes of learning and communication necessary for the well-being of the animal.

dog Domestication binds the dog to the man much more than it seems and the latter deploys so many efforts to adapt and live with us, that it is a good omen to return the favor in wondering about the soundness of our educational methods.


How to train your dog ?

Have you decided to adopt a dog ?

We can only congratulate you, because dogs are great life companions.

  • However, you must ensure their education early enough and in the best possible way
  • so that the years you are destined to spend together will be happy for everyone.
  • Establish a clear hierarchy As worthy descendants of the wolf, dogs are animals programmed to live in packs, within which a clear hierarchy
  • is established; there is the chief and the other members, who follow him and submit to his authority.
  • At home, it’s a bit different.
  • his master or mistress, but you should not act as pack leader as such.
  • Confidence, affection and consistency are the key words to bring the puppy a good balance.
  • He must feel important, be loved by all the members of his family without making him forget that he has rules to follow.
  • Your education will therefore have the role of both setting a framework and strengthening
  • the bonds of trust between the dog and the members of his family.
  • If your dog does not live in this climate of trust
  • he will not obey you and the cohabitation can go very badly.
  • You will therefore have to review your method and your approach.
  • A dog who learns very early to respect his owner and who has received
  • Be patient You have to be extremely patient with puppies, the same way you have to be with human babies.
  • Young dogs are just waiting to learn, but they have to be given time to integrate all these
  • new things which, for some, go against their nature: not doing their

Walk your dog without a leash

Before seeing how to make sure that your dog can be walked without a leash without risk, it is worth recalling what the legislator provides for in this situation.

Currently, French law does not always prohibit walking your dog without a leash in town. On the other hand, certain municipal decrees prevent you from doing so.

You must then make arrangements and inquire with your municipality to find out what your rights are.

On the other hand, the article of law

Managing the dog’s adolescence

The dog’s adolescent period can sometimes be complex to manage, just like that of humans.

Even if the education and socialization of the puppy have so far gone smoothly, it is not uncommon to see some twists and turns appear during this critical period.

What is adolescence in dogs? Even if all dogs do not have a « crisis », it is not uncommon to see, from 4 or 5 months in small breeds or 10 months for larger breeds, some deviant behavior. The possible adolescent crisis of the dog is characterized by more or less intense desires to discover independently what surrounds him and by a certain rebellion.

It is generally during this period that several behavioral problems appear: running away, destruction, poor management of frustration, etc.

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