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German Hound

The German Hound is little known outside of Germany.

However, he turns out to be an excellent hunter and a good companion dog.

Admittedly, he is hardly docile, but he wants to be gentle and affectionate with his master, his family and the children. It must be able to benefit from optimal conditions to flourish: large spaces.

It is not recommended for sedentary or elderly people, as they could not satisfy their need for outings.

He has a very robust health and does not require any particular maintenance.


The German Brachet breed was obtained by the fusion, towards the end of the 19th century, of the Westphalian Brachet with various varieties of Steinbracken.

The Deutschen Bracken Club was, in fact, created in 1886, bringing together all the Brachets of northwestern Germany. Outside of its region of origin and Germany, the German Hound remains uncommon today.

It continues to be used primarily as a hunting dog. The German Brachet breed was definitively recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) on January 28, 1964.

German Hound


  1. His hair: short, hard to the touch, very dense even on the belly.
  2. Longer and forming a slight brush to the inner side of the tail.
  3. Forming a panty on the thighs.
  4. color: red to fawn, associated with a black coat, as well as white markings.
  5. head: long, light, dry. The skull is slightly rounded, a little wider than the cheeks, which blend harmoniously into the muzzle.
  6. occipital protuberance is only very slightly pronounced.
  7. stop is very little marked.
  8. ears: of good length and quite wide, their end is rounded.
  9. eyes: dark in color, displaying a rather gentle expression.
  10. body: the neck is moderately long and relatively strong, the croup a little drooping, the chest high, the ribs very slightly arched, the rib cage long and the abdomen slightly raised.
  11. tail: long, not very thick, covered with long, bushy hair, ending in a point.

Behavior with others

  • The German Hound genuinely loves and reveres the hunt.
  • is a dog built for hunting hare, deer or even fox. Not particularly docile, he is nevertheless shown to be gentle, affectionate, loyal and friendly within his family.
  • Since its creation, it has also developed real qualities of adaptation to its master and to the city as a family. He is hardly docile.
  • also appreciates the company of children, with whom he gets along quite well.
  • He does not hesitate to have fun with them.
  • It is a real electric battery since it needs above all to exert itself daily. He is also faithful and loyal.

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