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The Bichon Maltese


The Bichon Maltese

The Bichon Maltese is a small, calm and very intelligent dog that has a narrow and long trunk, with a long white and silky coat.

He is a very elegant little dog with a proud and distinguished head carriage.

The Bichon Maltese is an adorable companion dog, with a very fine coat that should be taken care of with the greatest delicacy.

The maintenance of this canine is special. For the rest, his education and his diet are rather easy.

He is a very pleasant dog to live with, attached to his master, to children and who loves hugs.

He is lively and awake and possesses robust health.


is very old and dates back to Antiquity.

The famous Aristotle (384-322 BC) refers to a breed of small dogs which he calls « canes melitenses » in his nomenclature of existing dogs at the time. « Maltese dog ».

Bichon Maltais

In Rome

  1. in the 1st century BC, the name of the Bichon Maltese is Matrones. During the Renaissance, much later, it is often part of the works of Rubens and Goya.
  2. The most beautiful ladies of the time pampered it, in particular because of its very pleasant to the touch fur.
  3. Its name could derive from the Phoenician « màlat » which means « refuge » or « port », and whose semantic root is found in the Sicilian town of Melita.


  1. the ancestors of these small dogs then lived around the Central Mediterranean in the ports and on the ships, where they hunted the rats and mice which infested the port stores and the holds of the boats.
  2. He did not specifically live in Malta, where he does not derive his name.
  3. The Bichon Maltese will therefore be imported to the South American continent between the 8th and the 11th century, giving in particular the Bichon Havanese.

Physical peculiarities

His hair: silky texture, without undulation, dense, shiny and very long. It easily reaches 20 cm in length and can exceed the height of the withers.
Its color: pure white, but it can sometimes draw on pale ivory.
His head: rather large with a flat skull.
Its ears: triangular in shape and drooping. They are located high on the skull and well furnished with hair.
His eyes: small, rounded and very dark.
Its body: has a narrow and long trunk, just over 20 cm at the withers. The limbs are muscular with a robust boning.
Its tail: short and drooping.

Behavior with others

The Bichon Maltese is a playful and sweet little dog.

Endowed with a great intelligence, he is very lively and very attached to his master.

However, he finds it difficult to tolerate loneliness and will not appreciate prolonged absences, following which he will be susceptible.

Able to live in the city as well as in the countryside, he is a good playmate for the older children (he may not appreciate the abruptness of the little ones).

His kindness can sometimes make you smile. In addition, he appreciates the presence of congeners and other animals.


The Bichon Maltese must be educated as soon as possible so that he cannot develop bad habits: climbing on chairs, being capricious, being a pot of glue.

He loves cuddles more than anything and will not hesitate to climb on his master’s lap, even without the latter inviting him. In fact, it is important to make this canine understand that these moments of caresses are decided by his master or his adoptive family.

For the rest, he presents no difficulty in education. To avoid too much anxiety for this little dog, it is important to teach him very early to be alone from time to time.

Living conditions

The Bichon Maltese cannot stand loneliness and its fur requires daily maintenance.

Also, this dog is particularly adapted to life in an apartment or to houses without a garden.

All types of families can welcome a Bichon Maltese, whether it is a family with young children or single elderly people, as long as they are there to receive all the affection these little dogs want to give.

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